Director / Chief Appraiser
Emitte George Jr
(770) 477-4525

Deputy Chief Appraiser
Kenneth Pettaway
(770) 477-3291

Commercial Property
Paul Pugh, Division Manager
(770) 473-5412

April Parker, GIS Property Maps Manager
(770) 477-3276

Personal Property
Twana Hudson, Division Manager
(770) 477-3277

Residential Property
Stephanie Davis, Division Manager
(770) 473-5926

Conservation Use/Property Exemptions
Norbert Washington, Appraisal Manager
(770) 473-5760

Tax Assessor

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The following information is furnished by the Clayton County Board of Tax Assessors and is not intended to be a statement of law. It is solely for the purpose of assisting Clayton County property owners. The Board of Tax Assessors, an independent body appointed by the Board of Commissioners, is responsible for placing a fair and equalized value on all taxable property.


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